Soloflesh® The Warm Water Filled Sex Toy For Men

New V2 life-cast interior texture, based on a mold from a live model, feels real because it is. Interior canal adapts to your personal size and shape using warm water pressure, creating a snug custom fit for you. Compact and easy to stash when not in use. Life-sized when filled with warm water. More than just another stroker, Soloflesh responds to your movements with dynamic responsive motion. Feels alive and real. Silent operation. Ships discreetly in a plain white box with plain white shipping label. 100% silicone, hypoallergenic, easy to clean. Quality guaranteed.

What Makes Soloflesh Feel So Real?

The Soloflesh lifecast interior texture is an exact recreation of intimate female anatomy. When combined with just the right material thickness and warm water pressure, the result is highly realistic.

Soloflesh operates on the principle of pressure rather than "tightness", a different approach than other male sex toys. Pressure from the outside walls, transmitted through warm water to the walls of the inner canal creates a snug fit. The inner canal adjusts to your personal size and shape, just as a woman does, creating a custom fit for you. The result is the feeling of gentle, natural pressure and warmth that envelopes you evenly and completely. The inner canal is free-floating. It expands, contracts, and shifts with your angle and depth of penetration, motions cause subtle variations in pressure, making the inside feel alive and real.

Soloflesh responds to your movements with dynamic responsive motion as can be seen in our demo video. Whatever movement you do to it, it does back to you, varying with the intensity of your motions. Since it moves in response to motions from your body or hands, there are no electrical power requirements and operation is silent. The warmth of the water can be felt not only on the inside, but on the outside as well. Try it "girl on top" and feel it moving in your hands. Every time you come in contact with the exterior you will feel the lifelike warmth. Whatever position you try, your Soloflesh will conform to the surface contours of your body. Check out our reviews page and read what people are saying about Soloflesh.